About Us

SarcSteel Products Pvt Ltd is located in the region of Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation at Kinalur, Kerala; established with spirit of great challenge and creativeinnovation, that always embraces ingenious ideas in the field of steel furniture, interior design, covering steel &glass, doors, floor glass construction, gates, railing, stair construction, sign design, bath solutions etc. In Sarc, we simply don’t design the next furniture system. We take an interdisciplinary approach – blending the practices of design, technology and creativity – to engineer a better way to furnish the next level of comfort! .Sarc provides a work environment for all employees that is welcoming, respectful and engaging, with opportunities for personal and professional development. This in turn increases productivity, quality, creativity and innovation. The growth of Sarc is attributed to the commitment and engagement of the highly skillful people, who create an amazing work atmosphere that always go the extra mile!